Sunday, February 21, 2010

HTC Touch Pro Keyboard Fix

Two months later my keyboard stopped working again. I followed my own fix but it didn't work. I bought a new keyboard from eBay for $26 and installed it. No problems yet. Side note, I had to buy a Phillips size #000 screw driver to remove the four screws holding the keyboard to the sliding bracket. Again, this video on replacing the keyboard was useful.

Recently the keyboard on my Sprint HTC Touch Pro stopped working. I also didn't have the phone insurance plan (d'oh!) so I couldn't send it in to get it fixed without costing to much. So I did some research and found that when pushing down hard on the space key on the keyboard it makes the keyboard work again. This actually worked, however, it did not last. After a week of on and off keyboard functionality I decided it was time to dig deeper for a solution by opening the phone. Below the space key on keyboard is the keyboard's connector to the cellphone. It seems that the connector gets loose or the solder doesn't correctly make the connection. The solution is to push down on the solder so it makes the connection firm again.

Warning: Disassembling the phone WILL void your warranty and MAY damage your phone. Only do this if you feel comfortable dealing with electronics.

Torx screw driver with T-6 head
Flathead screw driver (Recommend 3.0mm)
(Top) Torx screw driver, with T-6 Head
(Bottom) 3.0mm flathead screw driver

Before we begin, this video on keyboard replacement might be helpful in see how the phone looks on the inside. However, we will not be replacing the keyboard.

  1. Turn off the cellphone, remove the back cover and remove the battery.
  2. Unscrew the 4 Torx screws from the back. The screw in the top left has a sticker over it, removing this will most likely void the warranty.
  3. Using the flathead screw driver, push down on the edges to pop out the keyboard. The keyboard should slowly push out on the other side. Work your way around the keyboard a few times. Alternatively, you can run the flathead screw driver or your finger nail around between the keyboard and the chrome frame until it pops out.
  4. Once the keyboard is free, lift the side up next to the volume keys. Note: the keyboard frame is connected on BOTH sides, therefore it will not become fully detach, careful not to yank out the connector on the other side.
  5. Lift up the orange cable directly below the space key.
  6. Take the flathead screw driver and gently push down on the connector area. This should make the keyboard connection more firm.
  7. Push the orange cable back down and put everything back.
Now the keyboard should be working again, enjoy. :-)

Keyboard cable (lift up)

Keyboard connector (push down)


  1. This is an admirable work... You have a great article for HTC Touch Pro users. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Omg Thank You So So Much For These Notes
    My Phone Wasnt Not Working With, Days &nd Days Of Me Trying To Text &nd Everything &nd All I Could Use Was The Touch Screen. But I Told My Father To Do All OF The Task That You Have Writen Down &nd Now Finally It Works. I Love This Phone &nd Thank God I Didnt Not Return It. Thank You Once Again

  3. what if this fix only temporarly works

  4. @Anonymous, you'll have to do what I did and replace the keyboard. It wasn't much more difficult than opening the cellphone up and following the original article.

  5. You rock! My wife's HTC has been great for 2 years, but she finally dropped it enough. Worked great. Thanks.